Past Active

Past Active Members

Only 40 members have earned the distinguished honor of
‘Past Active Member’ of the Morristown Ambulance Squad.

#Member (Radio ID)JoinedPast Active
1Tony Cattano+  
2Clint MacKallor+  
3Anthony Fiore+  
4Dan Gower  
5Douglas Scherzer  
6Jack Wissekerke  
7Steve Johnson  
8Karen Brownell  
9Bliss Ireland  
10Sharon Scherzer  
11Jeff Paul  
12John Temple  
13Barbara Temple  
14Donna Sullivan  
15George Weatherbee  
16Susan Wissekerke  
17Wilfred Geary  
18Darnell Richardson  
19Scott TracyMarch 1985January 1996
20Alisa Petersen  
21Michael RussoApril 1985 
22Thomas Mandel  
23Robert Gibbons  
24Karen Johansen* (810)June 1987June 1994
25Dennis WhitmoreFebruary 1989 
26Tony Dawkins  
27Ted SnyderFebruary 1991September 1998
28Anthony DurhamAugust 1992December 1999
29Brian McDonnellMay 1994December 2001
30Peter BlinJanuary 1995January 2002
31Abigail HartmanAugust 1993 
32S. Weaver* (813)December 1995 
33Dominick Sandelli* (815)June 1996June 2003
34Jennifer Grant (817)January 1997January 2004
35Casey O’Connell (816)December 1996September 2004
36Kim Catlett (818)January 1999February 2006
37Elizabeth Bice* (819)April 1999April 2006
38A. Michael CirelliAugust 1996May 2006
39Heather Fortier (820)April 1999July 2006
40E J H* (823)July 2002August 2009

+ Denotes Founding Members
* Denotes members who are still active in running calls.

As we continue to research the history of MEMS, additional information will be added to this page when available.