About MEMS

Our legal name is Morristown Ambulance Squad, Inc. We are in the process of changing our name to Morristown Emergency Medical Services or Morristown EMS.

The Morristown Ambulance Squad, Inc., which has served the Morristown community since 1961, is a non-profit organization whose volunteer members provide free emergency medical services to the residents, businesses, and visitors of Morristown.

Functions of the Morristown Ambulance Squad, Inc. include (but are not limited to):

  • Responding to medical emergencies by providing pre-hospital emergency medical care.
  • Working with Mobile Intensive Care Units which provide advanced life support.
  • Providing scheduled transportations between health care facilities and home for non-ambulatory residents without charge.
  • Training and public awareness at health fairs and town functions.
  • Remaining on emergency standby during fires, sporting events and town functions.

The official color of The Morristown Ambulance Squad, Inc. is: