How Do I Join?

How Do I Join?

How is an easy process: the first step is why?

Are you a high school or college student with goals of becoming a police officer? A nurse? A doctor? Then the Morristown Ambulance Squad is for you!

Are you someone who works with children or has children and wants to ensure that during an emergency you will “do the right thing”? Then the Morristown Ambulance Squad is for you!

Are you someone who just likes to help people or wants to get involved in the community? Then the Morristown Ambulance Squad is for you!

Membership Requirements

Prospective members must be:

At least sixteen (16) years of age,
Be a citizen of the United States of America, possess a valid alien residency card or a valid visa, and
Reside, work or attend school within twenty (20) miles of the Town of Morristown (not sure? click here to check)
The Membership Process

After you’ve decided that MAS is right for you and confirmed that you meet the membership requirements stated above, the next step is a Ride Along. Once you submit the form below or call, you will be invited to “ride along” for a few hours. You will get an idea of what we do and how we can really make a difference. At the conclusion of your ride along experience, you will be eligible to complete the application packet.

This packet contains three basic forms:

Application which asks for basic information;
Reference Letters (2) which ask for non-relatives to vouch for your attributes;
Background Investigation Authorization which will permit the Morristown Police Department Records Bureau and the New Jersey State Police to conduct a local, county, state and national background investigation on you including finger printing.
Once completed, there is an interview. Then, welcome to the Morristown Ambulance Squad, Inc. Volunteers for Community Service since 1961!!

Click here to sign up for the ride-along/observer program.

Click here to complete the membership application after you have completed your ride-along.

If you are writing a reference for a prospective member please click here.

If you have already signed-up for the ride along program and want to complete the necessary paperwork prior to your scheduled observer shift, including parent or guardian signature, please click here.